Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ruthie's Picnic Dress for Valentine's Day

I was really impressed with myself this year because I was able to sew up my daughter's Valentine's Day dress to wear to church wayyyy back in January.  Go me!  However, she woke up sick on Thursday morning, and on Friday we found out she has the flu.  So we've been at home all day...

She's been in good spirits this afternoon, so I asked her if she wanted to put on her V-Day dress to take some photos.  And since she's the perfect girly girl, she obliged.  So here she is modeling her Valentine's Day dress, flu and all!

I used Ruthie's Picnic Dress from Foofoo Threads.  I left off the underskirt, sash, bib, and bottom ruffle.  I wanted it to be sweet and simple and love the basic silhouette of this dress.  I used a white eyelet lace for the skirt and sleeve ruffle and a plain white broadcloth for the bodice.  The embroidery design is from Applique Corner.  Love how it turned out!

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