Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kelly's Kids Knock-Off Vintage Romper

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I DO NOT like to pay full price for things.  I'm a couponing fool, and still only try to buy groceries that are buy one get one free.  I look for free samples online and try to win contests to get things for free.  No shame here! 

Anyways, the point of telling you all that is to tell you how extremely proud of myself I am for recreating this super-cute Kelly's Kids Vintage Romper.

They are listed on the Kelly's Kids website for $48.00 and the monogram is an additional $10.  Cute, right? 

Well, I found a pattern from Mud Puddles and Ruffles on Etsy for this outfit ($10) and had to buy it!

I spent around $10 in fabric and had the ribbon already.  Another dollar or two on the buttons and elastic.  I own my own embroidery machine, so the monogram was free.  So add that to the cost of the pattern, and I made it myself for around $22. 

Now, that being said, it was a little time-consuming, and my time is valuable as I have two small children.  Also, the pattern needed some tweaking.  The shorts were way too big and I had to take a few inches off the width, and then still gather them more than was suggested.  As long as you have the measurements for the child you are making them for, it's not a big deal. 

So, here is my version...

The Front
                                                                            The Back

And my little angel hunting Easter eggs in it!

So, you can now make your own, or (if you prefer) I can make one for you!  I can do any color seersucker for the shorts and straps, any color ribbon, and any color monogram.  Just send me a message on my Facebook business page Just Grin and Wear It telling me you want one, what size, what color, and I'll just get a few measurements from you!  My version is $40 plus $3.99 shipping. 


  1. Can you make it without the bows, for a boy?

    1. Hmmm... I could leave the bows off. I don't know if it would look too feminine with the shorts being gathered at the top or not. There is elastic in the top part of the shorts, so the gathers would need to stay. I suppose if you wanted me to, I could :) if you want to talk about it further. Thanks, Kayla!

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